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How To Find The Best Solar Panel Installer For You

Today, solar power is taking the industry by storm – it is becoming the more popular choice for homes and businesses as it helps in significantly reducing your electricity bill. Moreover, it helps it takes into consideration in decreasing your environmental footprint. After deciding to go with solar power, the next rational step would be to look for a good and reputable solar panel installer. While the initial cost of a solar panel may be expensive, it is definitely considered a long-term investment. With that said, it is important to find a solar panel installer that is highly-skilled, reputable, and one that has a reliable customer service to ensure that it performs at its best.

In this article, we will provide you with some tips in finding the best solar panel installer for your home. While you may think that all solar panels are the same since they use the same energy, it is definitely not the case. Hence, it is important to do your homework beforehand in order for you to know of the best solar companies that can help you in deciding and installing your choice of solar panels. Make sure to ask the tough questions as you will be paying a good amount of money to make the shift to solar panels.

(1) Number Of Years In The Industry

With a rise in the number of people installing solar panels, there are also a number of companies being added on to the playing field. However, the best companies are those that have been around the longest as they are more established and have good experience with installation. Besides, affiliating yourself with a company that is not as reliable and reputable is risky – a 25-year warranty will mean nothing if the company no longer exists at that time.

(2) Look For Referrals And Reviews

Make sure to continue your research by looking for some referrals and reviews. Ask close family and friends whether or not they have worked with the company. If so, ask them about their experience of working with them. In addition to that, go online and read some of the customer reviews.

(3) Check Out The Warranty

It is very important that your installer provide you with a good warranty. Since your cash outlay is high, you need to know that you will be getting your money’s worth should anything untoward happen in the future. Typically, a solar panel warranty should last up to 25 years. If it is lesser than that, then consider it a bad sign. Also, do not forget to check out everything else covered under the warranty – it should satisfy your needs.

Tip: Hire an installer that works with companies who produce solar panels in the US. Should your installer go out of business unexpectedly, at least you can contact the producer of your solar panels.

(4) Certifications

In the US, your installer should have a certification from the North American Board Of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). NABCEP is widely recognized and is known to be the most respected organization in the industry. Hence, having a certification from them would mean that you have reached the golden standard.

(5) Solar Financing

Lastly, pick a company that provides you with good payment and financing options. A good company should offer you different options whether it be cash, solar lease, solar loan, etc.

Each payment option has its respective advantages and disadvantages. Your solar panel installer’s job is to offer you the best option that syncs well with your budget and make your shift to clean energy as effortless as possible.

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